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In conveying the content, I rely on a balanced alternation between lecture, interactive discussion, group work, and case studies. The discussed process model for strategy & AI development is intended to generate ideas for the development of digital strategies among the participants.


In the triad of “knowledge transfer – knowledge application – knowledge implementation”, we will use theories and methods of digital transformation to enable us to discuss a case study of a failed digitalization project as part of the module, but also to carry out our own investigations in companies.


I am passionate about organizing the exchange of knowledge and facilitating the discussions and interactions in the working groups. In my view, a course is successful when team spirit is encouraged and when we develop general solutions to the problems under consideration on the basis of specific questions.

I discuss the complex topic of artificial intelligence using practical use cases. This makes the participants also aware of the benefits and challenges and the learning curve particularly steep.


Business Analytics &
Data Science

We will benefit and learn a great deal from the experiences of the participants and their practical problems. In combination with the methods and technologies presented, we will experience lively and exciting discussions in which I, as a lecturer, can also learn valuable things from the participants.


We give participants an overview of the technical possibilities for protecting data and protecting access to it. We also encourage discussion about the problems in practice, as well as the technically possible aspects.


Participants learn about the legal framework conditions for protecting data and protecting access to it. They also engage in discussions about the practical challenges and legally necessary aspects.


Working together, having lively discussions, exchanging ideas, representing concepts and appreciating others, mastering intellectual challenges in a group and opening up new horizons, acquiring skills and applying them straight away – facilitating and experiencing this as a “coach” is both a task and a pleasure for me.


Participants apply their newly acquired analytical and conceptual skills in a group project: from extracting data from administrative systems to carrying out analyses and formulating a business case for a process improvement project.


My motto is: “Learning with and from each other!” We discuss solutions for dealing with customers, competitors, and market developments in the digital age. This is illustrated by practical examples, figures, images, and videos.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which lecturers are involved in the part-time Master’s degree program MBA in Digital Business & AI?

    Most of the lecturers are professors at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, recognized experts in digital business who actively engage in teaching, research, and consultancy within the field. The faculty brings extensive experience in digital transformation, business analytics, digital innovation, applied AI, and IT security, ensuring students receive instruction grounded in both theoretical knowledge and practical insights.

  • Which co-lecturers are active in the part-time Master’s program MBA in Digital Business & AI?

    The co-lecturers predominantly consist of executives hailing from diverse companies and institutions, enhancing different modules with their extensive experience in digital business and AI. Ranging from CEOs of medium-sized enterprises to digital transformation specialists and managing directors of agencies and service providers, the part-time Master’s program provides a wide array of practical insights from professionals in management, IT, security, and law.

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