Who recommends us

Dr. Markus Söder

“The digital revolution is unstoppable… In addition to courage and creativity, we need a lot of expertise. This MBA in Digital Business & AI provides this. It is aimed specifically at individuals who are faced with the rapidly changing challenges of digitalization and machine learning in their professional practice. This executive program provides them with the necessary knowledge and skills to help shape future developments in a digitalized economy.”

Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger

“Digital change and the dynamic developments of artificial intelligence require new knowledge at all levels. FAU offers the opportunity to acquire the necessary digital skills with the Master of Business Administration in Digital Business & AI. High-ranking lecturers, supported by competent experts from the field, provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges of digital transformation and machine learning – and how to master them.”

Prof. Dr. Mayr

“Basically, every business today is a digital business. This makes it all the more important to position yourself as a competent digitalization expert in your professional life. FAU’s Master of Digital Business & AI offers the ideal prerequisite for this. Thanks to the close integration of theory and practice, the MBA represents an important building block for the digital transformation of the economy.”

Prof. Dieter Kempf

„The digitalization of almost all areas of our lives makes the phrase “lifelong learning” seem more important than ever before… Continuing education is therefore of particular importance. The MBA in Digital Business & AI teaches precisely these skills and enables managers to master the challenges of digital transformation and artificial intelligence.”

Dr. Michael Fraas

“The digital transformation and artificial intelligence are fundamentally changing our economy… The MBA in Digital Business & AI offers the ideal platform for managers from all industries to actively shape the future of their company … The contents and part-time concept of the degree program is unique and forward-looking for successful work in the digital age… I therefore expressly encourage companies and managers to participate.”

Janina Kugel

“The MBA executive program is a bridge to the future. It provides the practical digital expertise that the German economy urgently needs… It is precisely study programs like this that help to ensure that German companies have the necessary foundation to operate successfully in international competition in the long term.”

Roland Auschel

“E-commerce is already the adidas sales channel with the fastest growth. In order to successfully drive this growth forward, we need employees with in-depth digital and AI expertise. We are therefore delighted that FAU is offering this part-time Master’s program here in our home region.”

Daniel Krauss

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning on all areas of our lives is constantly growing… This Master program at FAU has everything it takes to bring not only this, but also many other important aspects of digitalization closer to the participants. Even my absolute favourite topic of digitalization, the change in leadership, is not neglected in this part-time study program.”

Judith Gerlach

“Artificial intelligence is changing the job market… The part-time MBA program in Digital Business & AI at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg can play an important role in this lifelong learning process.”

Khaleeq Aziz

“New technologies and advancing automation are not only changing processes, products and services, but also the way in which decisions are made… The Master of Business Administration in Digital Business & AI at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg focuses exactly on these topics with the aim of optimally preparing managers for the challenges ahead.”

Dr. Oana Buliga

“In today’s dynamic working world, we are designers of new business models and translators of innovative technologies into customer solutions. In order to master this task, the Master of Digital Business Administration offers tools and skills at the interface between data science, strategic thinking and digital project management. The exciting thing about the MBA program is that it harmoniously combines these different perspectives and thus optimally prepares graduates for the future world of work.”

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